We at Xinvest Consultants take pride in working with C-suite executives who are chartered with driving SBU- or
We help you connect the dots and make decisions.
enterprise-level growth.  We drive results, typically for Fortune 500 companies in the industrials, technology, and life sciences sectors.

We have a distinct preference for companies that take pride in technology-driven differentiation of their products and services. That is why occasionally we will work with a startup that is leveraging technology to disrupt a legacy business and values guidance from consultants with deep roots in engineering, science, and technology. We also work with private equity groups and venture capitalists to help them navigate the complex world of technology and engineering.

Our main focus is still market/business strategies, growth platform development, and new product development, but increasingly we are advising clients on artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning, robotics, B2B software, XaaS, and digital transformation.

Recent clients include a good mix of Fortune 500 firms, private equity groups, and venture capital firms; among them GE, P&G, Caterpillar, Pfizer, Insight Venture Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Emerson, Legrand, Champlain Capital Management, Rio Tinto, and Lionbridge.

Xinvest was founded by Jay Dwivedi, a seasoned management consultant with strong background in engineering and business strategy.  He has a long track record in business consulting having previously worked for Charles River Associates and Kline & Company. Previously, he was an executive with Sealed Air Corporation.  Currently, he is a top-rated consultant on Catalant, the business expertise on-demand platform.