Chinese paper industry outlook and forecast, 2013-2018

After completing the market analysis of the Indian paper industry, we at xInvest Consultants recently completed a report on the Chinese paper and paperboard market.  As you know, we publish executive style reports that are concise and ideal for a presentation.  The reports are crated in PowerPoint.  Our findings conclude that the Chinese paper demand is finally slowing down after a run of two decades.  In 2013, Chinese paper demand was 97.8 million tonnes valued at $64.9 billion.  This was lower than most forecasts from the past and our analysis shows that during the period 2014-2018, the demand will grow only at 4.2%.  This means that in 2018, the market size will be approximately 120 million tonnes valued at $798.8 billion.

Our report Chinese Paper Industry Current Outlook and Forecast to 2018, we have concluded that maybe generous subsidies from the Chinese Government may have helped in the short-term, they have done long-term harm to the industry.  The government is reacting by shutting down dozens of plants in the hope of eliminating capacity, but the process will be painful.

This report includes:
  1. Where is the Chinese economy today and where is it headed in 2018?
  2. 2013 consumption of paper in China and forecast to 2018
  3. Chinese paper market characteristics
  4. Profile of Chinese paper manufacturers
  5. Challenges for the manufacturers
  6. Recommendations
If you are interested in purchasing this report as a PDF file, the report is priced at US$500.  You can also buy the Microsoft Powerpoint file for an additional US$100 so that you will be able to use the charts and tables in your internal presentation and the file contains all the raw data as well.  Please contact us to coordinate the purchase.